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Rental Agreement
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Full Name:
(hereinafter referred to as "renter") enters into this agreement with ATM Leasing for the temporary rental of
Under the following terms and conditions described below:

This agreement provides for the temporary use and enjoyment of the above-described property by renter.

  1. ATM Leasing agrees to provide above described property in good working order and further agrees to remedy any lack of functionality associated with the normal use and enjoyment of above described property, which is in accordance with the manufacturer's approved usage.
  2. Renter accepts full responsibility for damage or loss to property and agrees to provide proof of insurance sufficient to cover the loss or damage to the above-described property.
  3. Renter acknowledges that above-described property is owned by ATM Leasing and is on loan to renter in exchange for the agreed upon fee described above for the approximate term described above.
  4. Term for payment is net 30. Late payments are subject to a late fee of 1/5% compounded daily.
  5. Renter agrees to name ATM Leasing as an "additional insured" and provide proof of it. Further, renter agrees to use proper caution and care when transporting and using said property and will return same in good working condition without damage beyond normal wear and tear associated with usage for its intended purpose.
  6. Renter agrees that if they choose to use and maintain property described above for a term longer than that described above that notice must be provided to ATM Leasing and terms for such additional period are subject to negotiation.
  7. Renter agrees to notify ATM Leasing immediately upon renter's conclusion that property is no longer needed. Unless and until ATM Leasinig received notice from renter of desire to return property, renter is responsible to ATM Leasing for charges, which accrue in accordance with the terms and conditions, described herein.
I agree to the terms and conditions described above:
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